First Prize – Gold Medal and CHF 20.000 

Second Prize –  Silver Medal and CHF 15.000 

Third Prize – Bronze Medal and CHF 10.000 



VERE MUSIC FUND Prize- Certificate and CHF 5.000

awarded to the best Ukrainian Artist 

Performances for the best Ukrainian Artist will be offered by VERE MUSIC FUND.

Horowitz Prize- Certificate and CHF 3.000

for the best performance of a virtuoso Horowitz Transcription

WFIMC Prize- Certificate and CHF 3.000

Awarded for the best performance of a work written by a Ukrainian composer (regardless of the nationality of the participant)

Chopin Prize- Certificate and two performances

Provided by the Fryderyk Chopin Intl. Piano Competition, Warsaw


Except for the winners of First, Second and Third prize, participants in the Semifinal (3rd Round) will receive an award of CHF 1.500.


Performances for the Winners will be offered, among others, by 

The Cliburn International Piano Competition, Fort Worth, USA

Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition, Bolzano, Italy

Franz Liszt International Piano Competition, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Steinway Prizewinner Concerts, offered by Steinway & Sons, Hamburg, Germany

South Korea Tour offered by SBU Artists, Vienna, Austria


All prizes will be awarded. 

Additional prizes and engagements will be announced during the coming months.

Prize winners of the competition are obliged to comply with all contractual obligations of any offered concert engagements, which are an integral part of the competition´s awards.