For applicants looking for a choice of Ukrainian works to perform in the second and/or third rounds, please find below a selection of works. These are only examples and applicants may of course choose different repertoire as well.

If you are interested in any of the listed works and need assistance finding the music, please contact the Competition secretariat at


Yury Babenko           Preludio e fuga 
Sergei Bortkiewicz   Complaints and Consolations
Sergei Bortkiewicz   10 Etudes 
Ivan Karabits            24 Preludes 
Viktor Kosenko        Three Mazurkas  Op.3 #1 
Viktor Kosenko        11 Etudes Op.8
Viktor Kosenko         Mazurka Op.9 #2
Viktor Кosenko         Two Poems-legend Op.12
Bohdan Kryvopust     Rondo-Tokata,or the mention of Grandpa-Dudaryk 
Borys Lyatoshynsky  Three Preludes Op.38
Borys Lyatoshynsky   Five Preludes  Op. 44
Mykola Lysenko         Elegy 
Mykola Lysenko         Barcarolle
Mykola Lysenko         Dumka-Shumka
Levko Revutsky          Three Preludes Op. 4 #1,2,3
Levko Revutsky          Two Preludes  Op. 7  #1,2 
Myroslav Skoryk         Bourleska 
Myroslav Skoryk         Partita #5 
Valentin Silvestrov       Bagatelles
Valentin Silvestrov       Music in old style
Valentin Silvestrov       Triada for piano
Andriy Shtogarenko     Poem